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I Love Apartment is a Jakarta-based property brokerage. Focusing on SALE, BUY and RENT apartment units especially in the CBD Jakarta area. We are committed to provide outstanding services for your needs, whether you are buying, selling, or renting apartments.

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We have properties in strategic areas. Check our Featured Properties for more info.

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For years, we have helped consumers in selling and renting properties. Thus, we believe we can help you in searching a perfect unit. We have a complete database to ease you when you’re looking for a property unit. We’re ready to help you in giving information about SELL, BUY, and RENT an apartment unit. Our purpose is to provide best options based on your needs. Our professional Sales Agents are ready to give you complete information related to the property you want. We have our special areas in Sudirman, Kuningan, Thamrin, and SCBD. But, thanks to our vast network, you can still find many properties in different locations. We would like to help you to experience our SELL, BUY, and RENT services. Hence, you’ll agree with us and say ‘I LOVE APARTMENT’.

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Apartment has been a part of modern lifestyle, as it becomes one of the most favorite places for living. Most of the apartment buildings are located in the strategic locations. It makes many people opt to live in an apartment rather than in a landed house. Besides, the increasing rental price is also a reason why having an apartment unit will be advantageous for you. Consider opting for the new apartment than the resold units, as the installment will be more affordable. It affects in a higher capital gain on your property. In I LOVE APARTMENT, we have a complete database that is useful for searching your perfect unit. We’re ready to help you in providing the best homes with suitable budget.

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Of course you can. In fact, you’ll also get some benefits when choosing the resold units. First, you don’t have to be worried of unfinished project. Their buildings are done and ready for sale. Second, you can also check the location and the unit you want. You’ll get a real preview of the unit, not only from the brochure. Third, you can also live in the unit you choose. If you want to invest on your apartment unit, you can also rent them. Sounds interesting, right? If you opt in choosing the resold unit, we’re ready to give you the information about the available units. Thus, you’ll find the perfect apartment for living and as an investment. No matter what you choose, we’re sure you’ll get the perfect unit that is suitable with your need and your budget!

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